Skull Makeup Kit

Skull Makeup Kit

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The symbol of mortality

For countless eons, this bony visage has haunted man’s imagination, a symbol of his mortality. So many characters bear the iconic skull. These include the Grim Reaper, a victim of atomic x-rays, or the sinister villain who possesses mastery over the universe. What lies beneath the flesh is the form that all men fear, and Graftobian’s Skull Makeup Kit is here to help you reveal the inner you! Stocked with professional quality makeup, this impressive Skull makeup kit delivers dynamic effects whether you are getting ready for Hollywood or Halloween! 

The products included in this kit will allow for a wide range of choices in the creation of your skull makeup. Create a terrifying and realistic Death’s Head easily with the step-by step instructions provided with this kit, but don’t stop there! Experiment to your heart’s content and create a host of different skull designs that draw their inspiration from movies, television, or even your imagination. Even go beyond the skull to create a full skeleton. The possibilities are endless!

Our kits are specially designed to give you all the elements necessary to create a complete makeup from start to finish. In making your skull, start with our six-color crème-based makeup wheel. These colors are specially designed to work together to create realistic foundations, highlights, and shadows. Apply each shade with the included sponge wedges or brush. Then add and refine details using our included Eye Liner Pencil. Finish your makeup with our translucent powder applied using the included puff. The powder “sets” your makeup and allows it to last for hours.

Skull Makeup Kit Includes:

Makeup Items:

  • Skull Makeup Wheel 1 oz / 30 ml – Theatrical Creme Foundations include Bleached Bone, White, Blithe Spirit, Red, and Black. 
  • Translucent Pro Setting Powder – A neutral setting powder that will not change or dull colors. This lightweight and economical powder perfect for setting makeup for your favorite Halloween characters, SFX, or the school play.
  • ProPencil™ Ultra HD Lining Pencil – Graftobian’s Pro Pencils are a true favorite among makeup artists and everyday makeup wearers. Colors glide on with smooth accuracy.


  • 2″ Powder Puff – These compact powder puffs are satin on one side, velour on the other. Use these puffs for setting makeup, absorbing moisture or even makeup removal.
  • Non-Latex Foam Wedges – Graftobian’s foam sponge wedges are the best in the industry. While the competition carries latex sponges that rub apart or ball up upon contact with beard stubble, Graftobian’s wedges hold their integrity. These non-latex foam sponge wedges give numerous surfaces with which to apply and blend creme-based makeup. You won’t find any foam sponge on the market that is more comfortable to use and has this much resiliency. 
  • Economy #4 (3/16″) Brush – Our brushes are made from synthetic fibers, long known for their durability, resilience and quality. They allow face and body painters to perform artistry properly and professionally. You will soon find yourself using this small, economical, durable brush for practically everything from face and body painting to eyeshadow and lipstick.
  • Full color instructions