Magicake - Cranberry

Magicake - Cranberry

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Water-activated MagiCake Aqua Colors feature a collection of hues across the color spectrum with versatile application purposes. These colors dry to a matte finish on their own and don’t require setting powder.

The wide color range and easy to use formulation makes the MagiCake colors ideal for use by cosplay, drag, theatrical, festival, fantasy, special effects, and body painting makeup artists. 

Colors containing red pigments may stain skin after application, so be sure to apply a test swatch. To reduce staining, apply a primer or moisturizer under the paints to reduce the direct contact of pigment to skin.

CF – 6gm./0.21oz. (minimum) Expect 25-50 applications


Activate MagiCake colors by dipping a brush or sponge in water and lathering the cake until a creamy consistency is achieved. 

Use a flat brush for creating strong linework. To apply wash of color, dilute colors with more LiquiSet. You can cover large surface areas of the body by stippling colors with a large Hydra Sponge. These water-activated colors will reactivate if blended over, making it possible to mix custom colors directly on the skin. 

Remove colors with warm soapy water, or Hydra Cleanse. You can increase your makeup’s durability by using LiquiSet to activate the colors and setting the finished look with Final Seal setting spray.

Pair With

Use the 12 color Master MagiCake Palette alongside our 12 color Master Creme Palette, balancing our creme based and water activated colors to accomplish creative and visually impactful character, fantasy, and cosplay makeup. For fine lines and details, apply these colors with our Round Point Brushes and Flat Brushes.